freshly baked
delicious natas

Tart Modern combines oozy, perfectly textured caramelised custard with the crunch of light, flaky pastry in order to create our very own rebooted spin on the classic Portuguese-inspired nata. Perfect for a moment of self-indulgence, a ‘dash to the station’ grab-and-go or a delightful anytime reward to share with or gift to others.

All our natas are freshly baked to perfection for a sense-awakening and mouth-pleasing treat any time. Our core range consists of four flavours and we occasionally welcome a few guest variants to the party too. You may be surprised to learn that each Classic is only 200 calories – considerably lower than its mean distant cousins, croissant and doughnut.

Suitable for Vegetarians

Simply delicious custard tarts, with our ‘memorably amazing’ customer service.
That’s what we’re all about, nothing else really. No fuss, no distractions, just the very best natas you’ll find anywhere, baked in-store every day, throughout the day, to ensure a completely delicious taste experience with every crumbly bite. We are committed to provenance and social responsibility – from sourcing the finest quality, authentic ingredients to our increasing use of sustainable packaging.

Hold on to your natas folks, our plans are well underway for future openings in a range of locations across London and beyond.

Watch this space for an exciting announcement about our newest pop-up based in Central London. We try not to be biased but our delicious natas are honestly worth the wait and we can’t wait to invite you over for a chat and a natter, sorry nata.

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